Establishment and prohibition

On 09.08.1921 the academic fraternity MOENO RIPUARIA was founded in Würzburg. The founding colors were red gold-green. In order to avoid confusion with other local fraternities, which had similar colors, the colors were changed in 1923 to the still valid, four-field ribbon in the colors red gold on green ground with golden percussion.

The circle of our fraternity came into its present form in 1925.

The fraternity continued with its “Aktivitas” (active members) in Würzburg up to the compulsory liquidation in 1935.


On January 14, 1951, the Philister Barth, Zimmermann, Scheckenbach, Meusel, Hofmockel and Uhl met in Würzburg to reestablish the Technical Student Fraternity MOENO RIPUARIA.

In the following year our fraternity was again officially approved at the Balthasar-Neumann Polytechnic with a letter from the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Accession BDIC

In June 1954 the T.St.V. MOENO RIPUARIA joined the BDIC (Federation of German Engineers Corporations). Since then the fraternity has been a member of this umbrella organization.

Relocation to Schweinfurt

In the end of the 1950s, the government of Lower Franconia decided to relocate engineering courses in mechanical and electrical engineering to Schweinfurt. At that time, our association had an equal number of architects and civil engineers on one hand, and mechanical engineering and electrical engineers on the other. 1962/63, the buildings of the polytechnic in Schweinfurt were completed. At the MOENO RIPUARIA it was decided to found a second Aktivitas in Schweinfurt. The foundation festivals were held alternately in Würzburg and Schweinfurt until the 1970s, and then hosted by the respective Chargia. As a sign of the solidarity with Schweinfurt our fraternity changed the existing gear in the coat of arms with the Schweinfurt town hall.

On the occasion of the opening of the Schweinfurt Department of the Balthasar-Neumann-Polytechnic (today the University of applied sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt), a festive ceremony of the four newly established fraternities in Schweinfurt took place on October 11, 1963, during which our MOENO RIPUARIA presided.

The then mayor of the city of Schweinfurt, Georg Wichtermann sen., Had an open ear for his students. He supported the MOENO RIPUARIA, which had already grown considerably in the 1970s, together with the fraternity brothers around BB Fink and BB Kömm, to keep the old coachman's house of the Schweinfurter Pferdestrasse from demolition and to make it the home for the largest fraternity in Schweinfurt. The MOENO-Haus at Muehltor 5 in Schweinfurt was officially inaugurated on October 18, 1974, together with our honorary honorable member OB Wichtermann.

1975 the headquarters of the fraternity was moved to Schweinfurt and the Aktivitas in Würzburg dissolved.

Today the T.St.V. MOENO RIPUARIA is the largest fraternity in the BDIC.