Who are we?

We are an academic community of students and graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. The friendships that form during your student days with the Moeno Ripuaria (for short: Moeno) will last a lifetime. It is therefore quite common for our events, such as the anniversary of our fraternity, members from all ages and from all over the world come together to celebrate.

What do we offer?

Social skills and other competences

The social competence demanded by many companies, also called "soft skills", is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Teamwork, speaking skills, time management, leadership and motivation are difficult to learn at the university alone. As a member, you have the opportunity to build up and enhance your social skills through the exercise of internal positions, the attendance of educational events and seminars as well as the interaction with other students, members and fraternities all over Europe

The decisions in the union are made by the Chargia, the elected representatives, and the other active members during meetings or so called “Convente”. Here you can practice your leadership, organizational, presentational and networking skills.

Also, dealing with our older members, the “Alte Herren”, enables our active members to train handling different characters, different attitudes and teaches them natural respect, an irreplaceable characteristic for the professional start.


Many professors urge the students to operate networking, which means, to build a network and to maintain contacts. This is very helpful at the beginning of your studies, as older semesters can report on their experiences and examinations. Thus, e.g. during and before the examination period study groups form at the Moeno House students from higher semesters support the younger ones.

But also in the search for internships and after graduation for a job, the members of the Moeno help each other and mediate worldwide positions and support each other.

The membership in a fraternity is never a stepping stone. Only the members, which have emerged through their commitment and competence, are also benefiting from the network of alumni or senior citizens.

Politics, Society, Science

Furthermore, the aim of the Moeno Ripuaria is to promote the general education of each member. Through lectures and seminars, the political, social and scientific knowledge is to be expanded.

Regularly every active member must prepare and present a professional lecture. Senior members also try to allow an insight into their field of work and expertise from mechanical and electronical engineering, business and logistics right up to the local history of Würzburg and Schweinfurt.

The parent organization of the Moeno Ripuaria, the BDIC, maintains its own educational program, which offers seminars on general and technical oriented topics throughout Germany.

Fun & Community

Of course the fun is not to be missed. Our always well-organized events, parties or excursions are a welcoming change to the student daily life and help to forge the community and the lifelong network of the Moeno Ripuaria members.