About us

  • We are a technical fraternity at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-
    Schweinfurt. Our community consists of students and alumni. We cherish lifelong
    friendships and are eager to broaden our horizons. Therefore we host and attend
    several unique events with the aim to share knowledge or to network.

What we offer

  • Social skills

Social skills or soft skills are nowadays gaining in importance. A lot of companies
look for social skills like team work, eloquence, time management, leadership and
the ability to motivate others. With our honorary posts and our events we
encourage our members to train and improve the needed competences.

  • Networking

Most professors challenge the students to work on their network actively, which
means building up a network and to cultivate contacts. Even at the beginning of
one’s studies this can be helpful because older students can share their
knowledge and experience. Within the Moeno there is such an exchange between
younger and older students or alumni. During the exam period students out of
different majors learn together and help each other out. Later on, when it comes to
applying for internships or jobs, we help our members to find something that suits

  • Science & Studies

It is a main purpose of the Moeno Ripuaria to broaden the horizons of their
members and improve their general knowledge. At lectures or seminars we try to
enhance every members political, social and academic education. This is also
supported and achieved by visiting other fraternities and getting to know their city
and region like Munich, Hamburg oder Vienna.

  • Fun & Community

Needless to say we have a lot of fun. We organize events, parties or excursions.
They are a very welcome change in the everyday life of a student.