History of T.St.V. Moeno-Ripuaria


Our academic fraternity Moeno Ripuaria was founded on the 9th of August, 1921 in
Würzburg. The founding colours are red – gold – green. The fraternity prospered
untill it’s prohibition and compulsory liquidation in 1935.


On 14th of January 1951 the alumnis (called „Philister) Barth, Zimmermann,
Scheckenbach, Meusel, Hofmockel and Uhl meet in Würzburg to reestablish the
Moeno Ripuaria.
In the following year our fraternity was officially informed about the acceptance at the
university by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs

Accession to the BDIC

In June 1954 the T.St.V. Moeno-Ripuaria joined the BDIC (Coporationen an
deutschen Hochschulen). Since then the Moeno Ripuaria is a member of this
umbrella organization.

Moving to Schweinfurt

The Frankonian Government decided at the end of the 1950’s to relocate the
technical and electrical engineering studies to Schweinfurt. Our fraternity had a
balanced number of members consisting of architects and construction engineers on
the one side and technical engineers and electrical engineers on the other. In
1962/63 the buildings of the new Polytechnikum in Schweinfurt were completed. Our
fraternity decided to found a second activitas in Schweinfurt. To show the strong
bonding to Schweinfurt, the previously shown gear wheel in our code of arms was
substituted by the City Hall of Schweinufurt.
During the inauguration ceremony for the Balthasar-Neumann-Polytechnikum (today
University of Applied Sciences) all four student fraternities of Schweinfurt took part.
The Moeno-Ripuaria had the lead.
The Mayor of Schweinfurt, Georg Wichtermann, had a sympathetic ear for his
students. He supported the rapidly growing Mono Ripuaria together with BB Fink and
BB Kömm to save the old Cabman House from being destructed. The house became
the home of the Moeno Ripuaria, at that time already the largest fraternity in
Schweinfurt. The Moeno-House is situated at Am Mühltor 5 and was inaugurated on
18th of october 1974 – together with our honorary member Wichtermann.
In 1975 the fraternity moved completely to Schweinfurt and dissolved the Aktivitas in
Today the T.St.V. Moeno-Ripuaria is the largest fraternity in Schweinfurt and the
largest fraternity of the BDIC.