Schweinfurt is situated at the heart of Frankonia and is located idyllic at the Main
river. With approximately 50.000 inhabitants and about the same number of jobs, the
city offers great circumstances for your professional development. Helpful information
about the city of Schweinfurt can be found here.
The University of Applied Sciences Schweinfurt has it’s department since 1971 in
Schweinfurt. The University offers different courses of studies like mechanical
engineering, economic engineering or mechatronics. Further information about the
University can be found here.
The Moeno Ripuaria is strongly linked to the University. Every semester we are
welcoming the new students with a traditional Bavarian breakfast and help you to get
around the campus. Also we organize a lot of events for all the students to enrich the
students life in Schweinfurt and at the University.
The Moeno Ripuaria is a member of the Society of Sponsors and Friends and
is therefore actively shaping the further development of the University.
Besides the academic education the Moeno Ripuaria pursues to support the
extracurricular studies and general knowledge of the students. Therefore we organize
seminars, lectures and other events.